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All of our programs have been designed to save time and money in the long run by providing the necessary one-on-one time to review lab tests, modify your treatment plan, and learn lifestyle skills fundamental in developing the foundation for your lifelong health and self-care  

In contrast to the impersonal 7-min doctor appointment, sequential follow-up sessions allow for us to push through resistant blocks that get in the way of fully transitioning into a preventative health lifestyle.

Dietary Spectrum

Every person is an individual with his or her own unique constitution and individual set of circumstances.  For most people, healing the gut has to come first. 
Other treatments, such as chelating toxic metals, anti-parasitic treatments, infrared sauna, hyperbaric oxygenation, acupuncture, naturopathic & chiropractic treatments, etc can certainly be very helpful, but without the foundation of a sound dietary foundation, these treatments can be expensive and non-productive.
The first step is to lay a good foundation for recovery with a sound dietary protocol.  

The following represents a list of the various therapeutic diets that can be modified and customized based on individual needs:

Three Components of our Clinical Programs






Detoxification & Lifestyle


Our Programs

All diseases begin in the gut...

Hippocrates - 460-370 BC

Food Education + Lifestyle Foundation

Our Start Fresh program is a great starting point for patients looking to focus on the foundational keys of blood sugar control and detoxification.

Multi-Phasic Treatment Plan

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